Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mom Teachings

There are so many things my Mom taught me throughout my life.  Probably some of these sound like your Mom or even yourself.  Hi Mom!  

Not sure why I am thinking about this tonight, but it does occur to me that some of these things actually make sense now.
  • wear clean underwear when you go out
  • if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well (or perfect in some cases)
  • get an education and be able to support yourself
  • are you going to wear that?
  • it is better to be one hour early than one minute late
  • girls don't call boys on the phone
  • someday you will need your sisters, be nice to them
  • life is not always fair
  • Jesus is watching
  • no matter how old you are, you will always be my child
  • you are older, you should know better
  • you are too smart for that
  • you don't have to go out with your friends every night
  • finish what you start
  • if you get your work done right away, you can go play without it hanging over your head
  • you catch more flies with honey than vinegar
  • some day when you have your own house, I am going to come stand on your couch
  • never let woodchucks live in your backyard
Yeah, that last one was not said by Mom, but by me.  The woodchucks are out a lot now because they are foraging for winter.  I came home in the dark tonight and started talking to the woodchucks as I walked up to the door.  I do that so they run away before I step on them.  So, I was stomping and talking to them when I notice my new neighbor in her yard with her puppy.

NG: Hi, did you hear me talking to the woodchucks?
NN: Oh, we were wondering what that thing was.  Do you think it will attack my puppy?
NG:   It is bigger than your puppy, be careful.
NN: does it live under your deck?
NG: It lives with other woodchucks, a family of raccoons and some skunks anywhere it wants to.  Don't you have holes in your yard?
NN: Yes, I wondered why we had holes.  Why do you talk to it?
NG: (thinking it is a good thing I am talking to her and not Imaginina who would have said DUH!)  So it runs away before I step on it.  Don't let the puppy get into the hole.

Normal GIrl
P.S.  Mom, when you are coming over to stand on my couch, let me know so I can get the camera batteries charged up.