Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great TV Conspiracy

My TV died about 6 weeks ago.  So, I spent 6 weeks whining about the state of television purchasing in America today.  My TV was 25 years old, so I was not up to speed on flat screen TVs.  I was incensed that I do not have a choice in buying a television, I had to get a flat screen or nothing.  OK, the flat screen is nice, but it costs 3x what a tube TV costs.    

Meanwhile, I discovered how much more I accomplished without that TV.  I never thought I watched much TV.  I had it on while working a lot of time, but I just listened, not watched.  Apparently I was kidding myself.  Now I know that watching TV with the computer on your lap is fruitless time.

So, in the end, I bought the overpriced flat screen TV.  I plugged it in and flicked through the channels.  I wandered into channels with numbers higher than I have ever had on a TV before, and found music channels for every genre of music ever written.  I had not changed my cable, so how did that happen?  And then I noticed that the people on the screen were looking a little shorter and quite squat.  When I saw Vanessa Williams looking like she weighs 200 pounds, I clapped my hands and thought it was worth every penny!

Normal Girl