Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shopping for Upstairs

This morning I took Wonder Woman with me to Garden Ridge to shop for the upstairs of the Birdhouse. Wonder Woman has raised four boys. She has a job that is emotionally intense every day. She has a several ministries where she spends alot of her time. I don't know how she does it all. Not only all that, she always signs up to help me with my projects. Wonder Woman is on the upstairs team for the BirdHouse mission trip. She is a woman with taste and I always ask her to buy the pretties: the rugs, the curtains, etc. Wonder Woman spent 5 days in the hospital a short time ago and she is not quite back up to speed. But, she made it through the shopping trip, moving a little slow, but accomplishing her task nonetheless.

Wonder Woman, I am so grateful to have you on my team!

So, we filled up these two shopping carts at Garden Ridge. I have not been to Garden Ridge in a couple years. They are a shell of their former selves, but they still have some great bargains. We got everything we needed except the large pieces of furniture all in one place, and that makes Wonder Woman and me, happy.

We got bedding for 4 beds, everything for two bathrooms, including shower curtain and towels. We got 4 lamps, curtains, some other stuff and of course, two birds.

We save all of this decorative stuff for the last day of the trip and when we put it out, it makes the house a home!

Normal Girl and Wonder Woman

Friday, May 30, 2008

Green and Purple

I made four more bracelets tonight using the metal focal pieces from the garage sale. That's it. I was watching season 1 of Lost. I like watching it all in a row without commercials.
Normal Girl

Your Recommendations?

I have been told by Normal Girl to shop for a new computer. I can use one but I don't want to be responsible for this choice. Neither does she, the slacker. What should I buy?


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can All Your Stuff Fit in This Room?

I went down to Grace Centers of Hope tonight with a small advance team to gather a bit more info for the mission trip. We wanted to do some more measuring, and talk to the men that live in the house. Our objective is to encourage the guys that live there, and that won't happen if we change their living spaces so much that they don't like them. It is a big challenge. Jerry lives in this room. It is 8'x8'.

Try to imagine it. You sleep in a room that is 8'x8'. Everything that you own is in that space. Everything. You share this room with another adult. Right outside your 8' space is another person and all you want is a little privacy.

Maybe you will join with me in thanking God tonight for all that you have. Think about all of the things you own. Could you fit them all in an 8'x8' space with your bed? And if you are like me, you have a list of other things that you want. And you will get them. And you will have space for them.

One of the things that strikes me when I am at GCH is how hugely God has blessed me. No matter what kind of stuff is going on in my life that I think is hard, He has blessed me with way more than I need.

So, if you join me in thanking God today, would you please pray for Jerry too? Thank you...

Normal Girl

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Bracelet

Here is my first bracelet using the metal components I got at the garage sale. Click on the pic to make it bigger.
Remember these? I did not exactly finish it over the weekend as I planned. But tonight, I took a break from a very exciting assignment on research methodology....yeah....and made the first bracelet from the pile of these garage sale focals. What do you think? Would you wear it?
Stay tuned, more to come.
Normal Girl

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bracelet Story #4

I offered this bracelet as a class at the Sonoma Bead Festival in 2006. I love everything about it....the colors....the strands of seed beads, the four lampwork beads and they way they line up in a row when the bracelet is worn. I even like the little charms of different metals. Do you know that nobody signed up for my class? I know, unbelievable. So now, I am the only person who owns a bracelet like this. Too bad for all of those people, they had their chance.

Normal Girl

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shop Till You Land

Here's What I Think....what better place is there to shop than Sky Mall??? I brought home a catalog from one of my last flights because I really want to show you some cool things you can get.

How Star Trek is this? I didn't know these existed. You put your DVD into the "screenless" player and put on these hip glasses and watch your movie. Inside the glasses. What if you are far sighted? Check out the guy watching a movie. Would you wear these in public?

I love multi tasking!

I just don't believe these. Anyone tried them? Just because I put these straps under the refrigerator, it makes it light enough for two women to lift? I get there is physics involved, but I still am not buying it.

This is my favorite gizmo. The 5 in 1 emergency tool looks pretty handy. But what I want to know is, when that thing is floating around the bottom of my purse colliding with who knows what, what happens when the button to the automatic glass breaker gets pushed by accident? All of my car and house windows could be broken in the first week I own this tool.

The person who needs this has bigger focus problems than the Human Pin Ball!!

And then I found out that the reason this catalog always has the coolest things, is that the President of Sky Mall is Christina Aguilera!
Feel free to order any of these things, the 800 number is right there for you!
Normal Girl

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Project

I grabbed these metal pieces at the Divine Design garage sale a couple weeks ago. Like them! And I want to do something with them. So....

Today, I made some beads that I hope will work with them. Here is a sneak peak into the kiln. The beads will come out tomorrow and I can see what they look like and if they will go with the metal pieces. Stay tuned.
Normal Girl

Hanging with the Girls

I went with a group of women from church to Grace Centers of Hope tonight. Sometimes we go on a Friday night and spend a couple hours with the women residents. They are on lockdown on Friday nights. That is a night that invites trouble for people with addiction issues. So, tonight, we took bead soup. The girls there are like all girls. They love digging through the bead soup and making bracelets

Could you resist homemade chocolate cake? I had a crumb. It was fabulous. Every morsel was gone when we were finished.

While some of us were playing with bead soup and making bracelets, the rest were playing Apples to Apples.

This is Nevaeh (the little one). Spell her name backwards. When we first started going to GCH, she was a newborn. Now she is walking like a pro. She had an ear infection tonight, but showed off her walking skills for us anyway.

Some of the Moms wanted to make bracelets but were having a hard time wrangling kids at the same time. Story time with Miss Kathy kept them occupied.

That is one way to keep a curious baby contained......

We have started to develop relationships with some of the women at GCH. It is great to watch their progression as they get themselves together and come closer to graduation. What do you say to a woman who had her two kids living in a car because she had to leave her husband due to abuse, and was herself drinking and doing drugs....who now is clean, healthy and happy and working to pay for the house they live in???? Praise God!

Normal Girl

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are on a Mission

I have been painting shirts for each member of my mission trip team. The mission trip is June 23-26. We are going to a rescue mission called Grace Centers of Hope, about an hour away. We are going to work inside a house where four graduates of the program live. They lived in the mission for a year, learned to get and keep a job, to keep their finances, they gained skills, and learned to rely on Jesus. They have graduated from that program and now live in a house where they pay rent with money earned at a job.

They are holding it together. They don't have much. They keep what they own in boxes. Their furniture is broken down and leftover from somebody's 1870's or 80s home. They don't have lamps or art. And they have worked for every single thing they have. They have come far and have amazing stories to tell.

We will go into that house and give them new carpet, paint all of the walls, bring in new furniture, and hang new curtains and some art. We will do everything we can to leave their home a place that feels like a home, a sanctuary.

There will be much encouragement that week... for the house residents, for the staff at GCH, and for us. To those of you who bought bird jewelry, you have done a really good thing. Your contribution will make a big difference in the lives of four men who are still working hard to make those lives into something they can be proud of. Thank you!

If you have not seen it yet, go to my mission trip blog and see the pics of the house:

Here's what I think. God has put each of us on this earth to do His work. He called each of us to this. He called me to lead the team, He called team members to paint and hang curtains, He might have called you to buy jewelry or pray for the mission trip. I am glad to be in this with you.

Normal Girl

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home is the Shopper, Home from the Streets

I'm home from the Big Apple. HPB and I packed alot of stuff into the time we had there, even today before we went to the airport, we went to one of our fav stores. Unfortunately, the most notable thing that happened today was me falling on my face right in the middle of the street. Spaz. But, we did get to ABC and here are just a few things I liked there:

Cute paper covered frames, embellished with vintage flowers and ribbons and buttons.

Can you see the little pink lampshade in there? This is just a neat hangy think. It is a small pink lampshade hanging from ribbons, covered in tulle and flowers. I saw a similar one with a wire lampshade that I really liked. It was $600, that is why it is not hanging in Girl World right now.

Chandeliers are super trendy right now. Not the stuffy chandeliers in ballrooms, but colorful, funky chandeliers. Check out this room. I really liked the simple wire formed chandeliers (look at the very left side....$3000) with a light bulb or two.

I think I can make some of those glass tear drops. I can hang them from my fake, cheapo IKEA chandelier or make jewelry with them. Are those flowers or mermaid tails on the right side at the bottom?

Loved these charm bracelets with vintage everyday stuff. See the pencil and key and scrabble tile? I am thinking about offering a round robin charm bracelet event. Those who participate in the round robin are mailed the bracelets of all event participants. You hook a charm on each then mail them to the next person. At the end, we all have a cool charm bracelet that our new round robin friends have helped to make. Think about it. More details later.

It is great to go away, but great to come home again,
Normal Girl

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

I want to share my day with you. This morning, HPB and I ate at the Cafe Metro and sat in the front window people watching. It was raining. Did you know that 40% of people walking the streets of NY on a rainy day have a broken umbrella? You know when one side is broken and just hangs there?

Inside Grand Central Station. We were looking for a bookstore to buy a map. Interesting how we thought we would show up and just know where we wanted to go without a map. Yeah.

We did some trend shopping and some shopping for us. Inside this tiny, messy store, I found a piece of the most fabulous fabric. You may see it in Girl World some day soon. You could hardly move inside this store, but the man was really nice. Actually, we met alot of really nice, helpful New Yorkers today. Not sure why they get such a bad rap.

When it started pouring hard, we went inside Lord & Taylor and had lunch in a cafe on the 6th floor. HPB says she saw the BeeGees when she was in high school and the floor they had on stage is now on the wall in this cafe. Those squares of color flashed in a very disco way.

We kept on shopping and it kept on pouring. I did not have an umbrella and I was soaking wet. By the time we were loaded with stuff and tired, it was raining really hard and we could not get a taxi. I was having my own personal wet t-shirt contest and still could not get a taxi. So, we resorted to the subway. Neither of us is a subway pro, but we asked for help from some nice people and we made it.

During the day, I watched a new kind of shopping experience. HPB had a list of thing her sister, the Weasel wanted from NYC. She would find the stuff, take a pic of it on her phone, then Weasel would call and say buy or don't buy. We bought her several yards of fabric and a pile of purse handles. This is what happens to your shopping bags in the rain when they are full of the Weasel's purchases. Weasel, we said so many nice things about you as we were riding the subway clutching these bags to our chest as the handles and bottoms broke. Good thing we love you.
Tonight's show was the featured activity of the week. Most exciting for me and not quite so exciting for HPB was Gypsy. Patti Lupone is starring in it as Mama Rose. Man, can she sing! She was incredible! It was worth every penny and then some.

The HPB risked life and limb getting a couple iPhone shots of Patti. She nearly gotted tossed out for taking them, but she survived. That is Patti sitting on the step. The man that plays Herbie is the same really foxy guy (1970s reference) that play the boyfriend and husband of Valerie Bertinelli on One Day at a Time, Boyd Gaines. Boyd and Patti are both nominated for Tonys.

One of the reasons I like this musical alot is that it was one of my first big roles in musical theater. I played Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee in a local production when I was around 20 years old. Not Broadway, just Center Avenue, but what a blast!
Home tomorrow,
Normal Girl

I Heart New York!

Hello from New York City! The Human Pin Ball and I are here for three days.
Just look at all the musicals out there just waiting for me. If I could see a Broadway musical everyday, I would. I came mainly to go to the Stationery Show. So, I spent the day at the Jacob Javitz Center. It was a good show. I saw lots of cool stuff.

After the show, we went to the 1/2 price tickets place off Times Square, because if we are here and it is night, we are sitting in a show. It is simple. But, before the show, we ate dinner at Bobby Flay's restaurant Bar Americain. Put it on your list. Go there. Don't forget. It is some of the best food I have ever eaten. And, there was a pineapple cilantro candle burning in the restroom that I wanted to drink, it smelled so good. When you go, have the Fries Americain. It is what they are famous for.

Then off we went to Rent. Rent is closing this summer so we felt compelled to see it in case we never get the chance again. I don't think I will be around in 30 years when the do the revival. And we got 1/2 price tickets. On stage, it is earthier. There is one set and everything happens on it. The music to this show is great.
La Vie Boehm. Reminds me of my college days when I was a dance major and we danced around the cafeteria.
The weirdest thing I saw today was a guy with a sign: I want money for beer. I was in the taxi and I asked the driver, "did that sign say I want money for beer?" He laughed his head off and said, "you have to hand it to the guy, he is very honest about how he is spending the money you give him." Then I closed my eyes again.
Tomorrow night, the main attraction...Patti LuPone in Gypsy!
Trend Shopping tomorrow!
Normal Girl

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?

The reason we are all together in Kansas City is a graduation. So, we thought it only fitting to represent! All 4 sibs, graduates of Bay City Central....... Mom and Dad are too, but we were shortsighted and did not get shirts for them.

Here is the grad, Sequoia Niece #1. Graduation is such a happy time. I hope she is having the time of her life!

Normal (old) Girl

Friday, May 16, 2008

Play Ball!

The family has gathered in Kansas City for the graduation of Niece 1. Niece 1 is an amazing softball pitcher and has a softball scholarship to college. Look who showed up tonight as we were setting up for the party. You don't know my sister, the Smelliado, but you might know Jennie Finch. If not, go here: You will need to know her for your summer olympics viewing enjoyment. Note the Smelliado on her tippy toes because Jennie is 6'1".

Normal Girl

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You know that saying about how you can tell alot about a person by her trash? This is my trash today:
The cute town where I live is very concerned with appearances. Guess that is why the town is cute. But, they ignore things like trash. Like people hide their dirty laundry, we hide out trash. I am allowed to put out one trash can each week. If I have more trash than that, I have to pay more for its removal or take it to the dump and pay for that, or keep it. One weekend each spring, the city lets us throw away anything we want to at no extra charge. Oh yeah, it's a party. Big Trash Day! Or as some folks call it, Trash Amnesty Day.
On that weekend, people from all over will come trolling the streets for free trash. I have done it too. We got some great furniture for our mission trip last year by trolling the streets on trash day. I am in mourning this year because I will miss it. I am headed to Kansas City tomorrow for the graduation festivities of Niece 1. In fact, I put my trash out a day early and will probably get fined for it. This city is all about the fines. They don't like the way I shovel my sidewalks...FINE. They don't like the way I cut my grass....FINE. I have an overnight guest and she parks on the street...FINE. OK, so the town is a little hoity. And maybe a little toity around the edges. But, it's cute.
Since I made you look at my trash, I feel like I should give you something pretty to wipe that vision from your head. Picture my trash all gone and just these pretty flowers in my yard. Until Tooey and Chewey get them.
I lied. This one was in the greenhouse where we bought flowers for Mom for Mother's Day on Sunday afternoon. I coveted it, but the Woodwards LOVE daisies. It was too expensive to give it to them for dinner.

The rest belong to me. Apple Blossoms....


Geraniums....woodchucks hate 'em, hahahahaha!!

Happy Trash Day!

Normal Girl