Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am SO Unhip

I was reading an article today and the author's bio at the end said she loves bibicafes.  OK, I have never heard of a bibcafe.  Have you?  I thought about it.  What is it?  Why don't I know what it is? How have I gotten so boring?  I used to know all kinds of things cool people know.

Bibicafe.  Bibicafe.  A bookstore with a cafe?  
Bibicafe.  A bible bookstore with a cafe?
Bibicafe.  a cafeteria where I have to wear a bib?
Bibicafe.  A sidewalk cafe that has the menu in a book?
Bibicafe.  Forget it, I googled it.

It is really bibicaffe.  OK, that gives you a big hint, doesn't it?  A bibicaffe is an Italian drink, a carbonated espresso.  Really, did you know that?

Normal (I don't drink coffee, so it is not my fault I did not know that) Girl