Saturday, October 11, 2008


Homecoming weekend at Bay City Central.  Go Wolves!  I have not been to one since my own senior year.  But, this year, Redwood Nephew 4 is on the homecoming court.  He is popular, a BMOC.  And Sequoia Niece 3 is on student council and was in the homecoming parade with the sophomore class float.  I was a consultant on the theme... which was the 60s.  None of their parents were alive in the 60s and I was.  Their float was the Yellow Submarine and they did a great job.  So here is the BMOC and the go-go girl.  How I got such tall nephews and nieces is a mystery to me, but they all are.

Redwood Nephew 4 with parents walking onto the field.  Who knew?

Normal (Auntie) Girl