Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tell Me About Your Rags

Wonder Woman and I were putting up decorations in church Tuesday night and we had a visit from Mr. CutebutCrabbyPants.    And it has been on my mind all week.  So, Mr. CBCP walks right up to the stage and says. "Oh great.  I can't wait to tell my wife that you are hanging up the rags again!"   Some of the folks at my church do not enjoy the guitars, drums, and the dancers, but I had never heard such a negative response to the visual decorations.   

Wonder Woman and I looked at each other and started laughing. I laughed because I really get it.  If I went to a church with a choir in long satin robes and organ music, I would be just as unappreciative.  Sometimes, once you get used to something and it feels good, change can be hard.  We did understand, and so we gave Mr. CBCP some ideas on how to deal with the guitars (he really doesn't like those either) and the rags:

- don't look at the rags
- sit farther back in the auditorium so you cannot hear or see so well
- ear plugs?
- wear your sunglasses in the auditorium
- talk to your neighbors during the music so you are not paying attention to it......facing back so you can't see the stage
- Come late after the singing and when the stage lights go down
- sing the song you like while we are all singing the song we like

Do you have rags of your own?  What are they?
Normal Girl


votemom said...

i'm not a fan of the "praise team" thing. i would prefer that NO ONE was up in front. just the cross... and the words to the music. maybe the band could be up in the balcony?

i've kind of worked with it and figured out how to not make it distract me too much, but my preference would be no humans up in front.

p.s. your rags look really pretty. and since they are non-human, they don't distract me a bit ;o)

Imaginina said...

Yep, I get that. Sometimes I close my eyes when I sing. Probably look like a wacko. But when God tells me I am a wacko, I will keep my eyes open.

Dawn said...

we forget that there is no rule that says we have to stand and face the stage. you can sit w/ your eyes closed. you can get up and stand in the back and face the wall. whatever works best in drawing you close to God.

votemom said...

i wouldn't know if you look like a wacko cuz my eyes are often closed too ;o)

hey, you were waaaaaay down front yesterday. i was 3 rows behind you. what was the occasion?

Imaginina said...

Those Philadelphians sat in my spot!

votemom said...

hahahaha!!!!!!!! those darn philadelphians!

emma said...

i like the rags.
and i like the praise team.
but i agree that they can be distracting.
however, i have found that if done right, and if the people listening are in a right mind of worship, the team is not distracting.

disagree if you want.
but that's my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...