Saturday, October 25, 2008

Give Peace a Chance

These came out of the kiln today.  Peace man!  I am going to use them in my next column in Bead Unique magazine.    You know how hard it is to freehand a round circle?  Imagine doing it with molten glass.  I had a couple that I made so wonky looking that I could not save them.  

I melted them down, reshaped them and turned them into this.  I am hoping they look a little like tie dye and I can use them in the same piece of jewelry.  

Peace.  Love.  Togetherness.
Normal Girl


votemom said...

cool beads!

you have your own kiln, don't you?
but impressive.

K is asleep in her new room. A was in the new room but she is now in the old room. and so it goes.

Imaginina said...

I have a small kiln made in a toolbox, sits on the table.

Guess the paint fumes were not too bad if K can sleep in there.

A.Ballor said...

OMG!!!!! i freakin love those.... I am super excited now

hpb said...

these are the bomb!

Owen's Grammy said...

All we are saying is...
I love those beads!
You make great beads!
I love all your beads!

Owen's Grammy said...
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Dawn said...

oh my gosh!!! i need those for my 70's outfit! wow they are so cool!! you just made me love the peace sign even more than i did!

Anonymous said...