Friday, October 24, 2008

Greetings from HPB

The Human PinBall is in China right now.  I think.  She has been in Hong Kong this week too.  She is sharing photos of the journey.

This is the view from her hotel room.  HPB, what floor are you on?????  I like the mix of old and new architecture.

All is well, there is an IKEA.  hard to imagine people working Danish Modern into their decorating scheme in China.

Double decker train.

Doesn't this picture make you happy?  It is not candy, it is beads!

The street banner says...Welcome Human PinBall!!!

Not so much different from NYC in places.....a little more crowded maybe.  And they feed you frogs and monkey heads and duck lips for lunch.

Don't get sick, HPB!
Normal Girl


human pinball said...

floor 24 - am going to an outdoor market tomorrow and hoping for some cool photos. NOT MUCH MORE FUN than taking picture of adorable Asian babies....I to hug them all. Baby boy pinball - back home in Florida - busted his lip open goofing off at a friends yesterday and had to go to the hospital and get stitches -but will be OK. You know how it is, stuff like that always happens when I am away - bad mother...bad bad mother.

Anonymous said...