Saturday, October 18, 2008

His Highness

It was senior night last night for the Blissfield Royals and Redwood Nephew #3 is a senior Royal.  So naturally, we all went to cheer.  He made the first touchdown in a game that they won 50-6.  It was so pitiful that by the end I was cheering for the other team to do something well.  I felt sorry for them.  They had only 9 (literally) fans in their stands, so I was happy when they got one touchdown.  So, here is Nephew 3 and my sister The Smelliado being introduced to the crowd.

Here he is running for the first touchdown.  Notice his school colors are also purple and gold.   In this family, we only go to schools with purple and gold color palettes.  The Royals go to the playoffs now.  Last year they got to play at Ford Field.  This is Nephew 3's first year playing football, so we hope they make it this far again.  It is a big deal to play on the same field as the Detroit Lions.

Nephew 2 and Nephew 3 after the game.  Nephew 2 saved a man's life last week by giving him CPR.  He is the kind of guy you want to have around.  We are proud.

Nephew 4, a Canadian wannabe.

What in the world will we do when football season is over?
Normal Girl