Thursday, October 30, 2008

FORR Typography

Round 2, this bracelet belongs to DT.  D is a graphic artist who does amazing work.  She loves typography and so that is the theme of her bracelet.  She started us off with two wood pieces.  She printed a g on one...that lower case g is her favorite letter.  And she covered the other in paper with words.

Close up, and you can see the other side of the white tile.

This is what I added.  Can you tell what they are?  They are typebars from an old manual typewriter.  Yeah, pretty weird for a piece of jewelry, but perfect for D's bracelet, I think.  I had to cut them shorter and drill holes in them to hang them.  I did not have D's favorite g, but I did have d and t.

See the D and the d?  Already, this bracelet is unusual, it will be fun to see what everyone else adds.

Normal Girl


Dawn said...

that is too cool!!! thank you!

VAharoni said...


votemom said...

one day i would like to see where you keep all your random treasures, like the manual typewriter thingies.

Imaginina said...

Someday when you are feeling especially strong and won't faint when you see it, come over and take a tour of Girl World

human pinball said...

can't wait to get this bracelet in the mail - have something GREAT to put on it!!!

Anonymous said...