Sunday, October 12, 2008

the Biggest and the Blankest

This wall is about 35 feet wide and 976323 feet tall.  If you had this blank canvas, what would you do on it?

Normal Girl


votemom said...

w/o vision.
lacking vision.

that is me.

i'm glad God gave you the gift of vision!

Dawn said...

i would put that quilt that the church started making a few years ago up there.


a series of canvas paintings depicting various way we do/can worship.

Imaginina said...

Dawn, we will chat. I was thinking about banners showing the 6 days of creation, combined with canvases. I think about that quilt now and then, wonder what happened to it. I wonder if it could be salvaged.

I like your idea.

Dawn said...

i think i know who has the quilt. i know it was being worked on but don't know how close it is to being finished.

Imaginina said...

I think they quit working because there were problems

Anonymous said...