Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life in a Small Town

I live in a small-ish town in Michigan.  I love it.  But, truth be told, there are some hard parts to get used to about living in a small town.  Yesterday I went to the post office.  I have learned not to go at lunchtime, so it was mid afternoon.  There were 15 people standing in line and one guy at the window.  The rest of the employees were having some kind of party in the back, judging by the singing, clapping and laughing.  Perhaps they could offer a little entertainment when making me stand in line for 20 minutes.  They do have a nice table with tons of old stamps decoupaged to the top, but I have already memorized that.   Maybe I should make a customer entertainment proposal.  Do I send that to the Postmaster General??

After that I stopped at the hardware store for a quart of paint.  A man cut in front of me in line because he knew the man working the paint department. He was happy to see him.   Ron and Jim had a marvelous time catching up and they even opened a bag of potato chips.  While munching, Ron paid so little attention to what he was doing that he made Jim's paint My Little Pony Purple instead of the burgundy color requested.  Then the process started all over.  No complaints, but, couldn't they have offered me a chip while I was waiting for them?
One of the best parts of a small town is the Community Cute.  We have lots of festivals and holiday stuff.  Every fall, we have the scarecrows on the square.  I just love this and some people get really creative.  Local businesses and families put up and decorate the scarecrows.  Here are some of my favs this year.

Love fall!
Normal Girl


votemom said...

we looked at the squarecrows tonight when we buzzed thru town. do you remember what the one was with the white wig with the two little princesses next to him?

oh, and i drove down/up your street. is your house the red one?

Imaginina said...

I saw it but don't remember who did it or what it was supposed to be. No, that red house is the home of Naked Kindergardener. I live in the house that looks abandoned.

Anonymous said...