Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here is the bracelet that GerberBabyGMa won when she gave me a brilliant idea.  I promised a bracelet proclaiming her brilliant.  It does that both in word and glitter.  Remember that I bought these tags at Tinsel Trading in NYC with The Human PinBall?  This is also the glass glitter I got there.  Love it, it is really sparkly.  GerberBabyGMa loves glitter.  Well, who doesn't?  Oh yeah, Ellen.

Hope you like it GerberBabyGMa!
Normal Girl


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Normal Girl. Yes, I do love glitter and sparkle. And now I can prove to people who doubt--that I am indeed brilliant--and my bracelet even says so!


votemom said...

haha - i've never heard the ellen-anti-glitter bit. so funny.

i am another glitter hater. it stems from church and preschool papers my children brought home over the years.

glitter gets in the cupholders and seat crevices and car mats of a vehicle and never, ever, ever goes away.

i am convinced that two things in this life will survive armageddan: glitter and cockroaches.

p.s. i didn't watch the whole ellen video - i must go back another day. it's 2 a.m. - good grief. and good night.

Anonymous said...