Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slacker Charms

It isn't the charms that are the slackers, it is the charm maker.  I am on homework overload and along with that, I have a huge case of denial.  I don't mind the homework, but when one class takes 3-4 hours every day of the week, I get a little sick of it.  I am hoping if I ignore it, it will go away.

Anyway, denial was fun while it lasted.  The Human PinBall and I bought these little tags when we were in NYC at Tinsel Trading:  

Tonight, I painted them, both sides.  They are so small they barely take any paint and are quick to do.

When they were dry, I glazed them.  I used Dimensional Magic, but anything clear and shiny would have made me happy.  You know I cannot stand the wait to dry, so I stuck them under a lamp.  The hair dryer does not work to hurry this process and neither does the oven.  

I can never take pictures of shiny things.  If I do a better job tomorrow in natural light, I will repost.  Note the one at the bottom.  It is glittered.  HBP and I bought this fab glass glitter at Tinsel.  So, I tried it on a charm.  Like it.

Denial time is over, I am off to do homework, with my Mother's voice in my head telling me I should not wait until so late at night when I can't think well.  Yeah.

Normal Girl