Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I am working this week for the HPB.  It is fun to work here.  She has a new office.  All of the beads and sequins and glitter you could ever want are just hanging on the walls for you to pluck them off.  

I sat at the table all day and made jewelry.  That is a really good day for me.  As usual, HPB taught me some computer stuff and we had several interesting conversations.  We sometimes have the word of the day.  Today it is tetters.  Ever heard that word?  It came to our attention on a Gold Bond powder commercial.  It is good for tetters.  Tetters, as we learned after looking it up, is any kind of skin rash.  There you go.  Use it in a sentence at least once today.

Just a sampling of what I made today.  Look for them in kits at Wal-Mart sometime soon.  And you can make them too!

The Human PinBallette,,,,looking for work to do to earn a couple bucks.....

I am glad to report that she does not have Tetters.
Normal Girl