Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Round Robin, the Beginning

The first round of the Round Robin charm bracelet is underway. If you missed the post that explained it, and you are interested, check it out.

We have all mailed our bracelets to the person on the list after us. The rules are to mail a charm bracelet with one charm on it, and a small notebook.

The first page in the notebook should tell the other artists the theme for the bracelet.  You can see my theme is dessert/sweets/ all things sugar.  I chose this theme because I am seeing pretty desserts as an emerging trend element.  So, when my bracelet is done, I will be right on the trend.  Each artist writes a little something in the notebook as she works on the bracelet.

Here is the bracelet I sent.  It is hard to tell due to my pathetic photography skills, but that is a lampwork cupcake bead that is attached.  

It will be fun to see what kind of themes and charms everyone else picks.  Stay tuned.

Normal Girl