Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art in the Park

Art in the Park has been this weekend.  We have the second largest  art fair in the state of Michigan, second only to Ann Arbor.  Artists come from all over the country to exhibit.  It is one of the best shows I have attended, not too big, not too small.

It started out like this yesterday.  I got soaked when they closed the show for lightning in the area and I had to walk home.  It was really pouring.

But by today, it was like this.  Perfect weather.  And the crowd was thick.  The show opened at noon and it was already impossible to walk down the streets.  Maybe the home town art fair in the park has become more important.  We don't have gas to go far on vacation, so we are doing things closer to home?  I don't know, but the turnout made the artists very happy.  People were shopping and buying.  A lot.

I am sharing with you three booths I thought were run by marketing geniuses.  This one has people standing in the street laughing.  Pet clothes.

This one was great, like they are laughing in the face of the green thing that is happening across America today.  I thought it was a unique take on global warming.

And this one seemed a little weird to me.  She had a table full of soy candles.  You burn them and when the wax is melted, you scoop it out and apply it to your skin as lotion.  Apparently soy is not burning hot when melted.  I did not try it.  Tell me if you have.

I went back downtown today but was really glad that I did my serious booth-looking yesterday.  There were at least 7623451273093423 people there and they all had dogs on people-tripping leashes.  

This week, the Ann Arbor Street Fair.  I will have more inspiration than I have time to work on!
Normal Girl