Friday, July 25, 2008

Round Robin Bracelet - Round 3

Meet Lucinda Ladybug.  She has been living on my kitchen windowsill for awhile.  She now lives on LH's round robin bracelet.    This is my round 3 bracelet.  They just keep getting cuter, as more charms are added.

Here is the whole bracelet so far.  I like that LH selected copper for her bracelet, very trendy!  LH has some great charms on this bracelet.  Check out the rivoli flower, the stitched caterpillar and spider.  Rounding it out are the silver birdhouse and lily pad.

Here is the page in LH's journal that tells us what her bracelet theme is.  Buzzin' Around!  She gave us good direction about theme and color.  Most of us thought bugs.

As each of us adds a charm, we write on a page in the journal.  Then LH knows who added each charm and what the thought was behind the addition.

It is getting hard to let these cute bracelets go back into the mail.  
Normal Girl