Monday, July 14, 2008

Round Robin Bracelet Round 2

Guess who is in the Round Robin project?  The Diplomat, and this is her journal.  She made it with tags, held together with fibers.  
And this is her bracelet theme: cool metal, warmth of words.  

She started with a bracelet of large round links, and a couple Green Girl Studios charms.  This is one side of the charms.

This is the other side of the charms.  Fits her theme well.

Here is the bracelet after two rounds.  VA had the bracelet before I did, she added the lily pad leaf and the dangling crystal and tiny silver beads.  I added CHANGED FOR GOOD.  The Diplomat saw Wicked with me on Broadway and that is a song about a person that is in your life and how she changes you.

Stayed tuned for Round 3 and a different bracelet,
Normal Girl