Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Humid is it?

It is one of those Michigan days that people who have never lived here cannot understand.  I walked from the store to the car and my skin was wet.  It is not raining, it is just HUMID.  Nasty humid.  My glasses are fogged up humid.  Even I am PWSSTICDM.

So, I took a pic of some Queen Anne's lace to remind me that there are things in Michigan in the summer that are really lovely.  

Have you ever dyed Queen Anne's lace?  My Mom taught us to do it when we were little and we did it every summer.  You just put a little food coloring in the water in the vase and the pretty white flowers turn that color.  If you have nothing else to do, you can sit and watch the color flood into the flower.  It is pretty cool.  Try it.

Normal Girl


Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's lace is my favorite flower. There is a purple petal somewhere on each bloom. Science cannot explain why the purple is there. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

We used to press the dyed flowers between books and then make bookmarks out of them with ironed wax paper...they've changed wax paper since then, now there's not enough wax to iron it stick together anymore.

The Diplomat

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