Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The Human PinBall made a great find on Etsy.  If you have not been to Etsy, it is very cool.  It is full of all kinds of handmade items by all kinds of artists.  These are Scrabble tiles that have been turned into charms.  How cute are they?  These are the ones that HPB bought, but there are tons more.  She gave me the one that says Keep Calm and Carry On.  HPB says that it is a saying from the British army.  See the little crown at the top?

HPB hung this one on her camera bag with her T tag.  T stands for The.  That is her nick name, short for THE Human PinBall.  It is a little brownie camera.  To check them out go to HomeStudio.  Enjoy!

Normal Girl