Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carry on!

You know I do not watch television in an election year, but I have to make an exception for Project Runway. Season 5 started tonight with the typical cast of crazy designers. I love Tim Gunn and his Tim-isms. After he tells a designer that her dress looks like a pteradactyl from a Las Vegas Jurasic Park, he waves his hand and says "carry on!"

The first challenge of the season was to make a garment from things bought at the grocery store. They considered using a tablecloth to be cheating. They used all kinds of food, jump ropes, lawn chairs, garbage bags, paper napkins and drawer liners. There was a dress totally made out of blue Solo cups. It was really cool. One dress had an oven mitt bodice. One designer made the top of a dress out of a split down the middle rubber dodge ball.

The winner made a very cool dress that actually looked like a dress, out of vacuum cleaner bags and coffee filters. She made a hook and eye system for the back from a metal notebook spiral.

I think the loser used diapers, it was disgusting.

There is a designer in the cast this year from Michigan.  He did not make a name for himself, good or bad, in the first episode.

How can you not love this show?  

Normal Girl