Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10,000 Thoughts

I am sitting on the sofa watching Project Runway.  The guy that is making me laugh this season is named Suede.  He speaks about himself in the the third person.  Suede is going to win this challenge (talking about himself).  And, I think he was the winner of the challenge last week.  It works for him.  Here's What I Think.  I will be a better, more creative, and successful artist if I give myself an artiste name and speak in the third person.  I think the key is to have a name that reflects your medium.  Since I am a lampworker, I believe I will call myself Glass. 

Glass was told by Human PinBall about this study that has been done on walking.  They are saying that for weight maintenance, a person should walk 10,000 each day.  So Glass got herself a pedometer that measures Glass's steps.  The first day that Glass had her pedometer, she decided to do a normal day and see how many steps are normal for her.  3,000!!!!  Glass was feeling like a huge slacker. But she did some research and found out that 900 to 3,000 steps a day is normal.  Well, Glass was on the top end of normal, but Glass wanted to be bigger than normal.  10,000 steps is for weight management, and Glass needs to first attain a weight she wants to manage!  So Glass hit the pavement and has been increasing her steps every day.  Glass has walked 9,000 steps today, she is almost there.   In case you are wondering, 10,000 steps equals 5 miles.

Glass is now eating vegetables and hummus for dinner so as not to ruin the 9,000 steps.  And Glass is thinking that perhaps she should try something arty to see if the third person name thing is working.  Stay tuned.

Normal Glass


votemom said...

i have a 2 yr old who speaks in this manner.

it is annoying if you are older than two. it is actually sometimes annoying when you are two.

please stop ;o)

hu said...

human pinball is very pleased to hear about the 9000 steps - human pinball lost her first one of these- it fell off her short leg and the GARBAGE TRUCK ran over it....
only a something like this could happen to the human pinball _ OK - this talking in the third person is exhausting.

Dawn said...

i think it's hilarious to hear people talk in the third person.

what should my art name be ??

Imaginina said...


Imaginina said...

VoteMom, Glass is done with this, it is harder to do than it looks.

Maddie and Jack's Momma said...

you crack me up!

Anonymous said...