Thursday, July 3, 2008

Merry Christmas

I took a trip to Frankenmuth today and visited Bronners.   I am doing a project with Christmas ornaments and was looking for some inspiration.  Bronners is the largest Christmas store in the world.  It is huge.  I heard Christmas music from Karen Carpenter to Ethel Merman.  And sang along.  I spent a couple hours looking at Christmas ornaments, but, check out these Christmas trees!  Click on them to make them larger.

Basketball.  I love the hoop on the tree.



How creative is this?  

And this>  Notice the feet with flip flops and the big sunglasses at the top.

And the Divine Design tree.  See the hard hat at the top and the yellow caution tape and metal measuring tape for garland, and the tools.

You have five months to design your own creative tree.  Wouldn't it be fun if you could afford to do something new and creative each year?

Normal (ho ho ho) Girl


votemom said...

bronner's IS amazing. i expected to not like it, but i really enjoyed my one and only visit there.

yes, i have lived in michigan my entire 46 yrs and have only been there once.

i tend to resist things that the multitude flocks to.

Imaginina said...

go when the multitude is at home, like a Thursday morning in the summer

Dawn said...

i have never been there.

Imaginina said...

We need a field trip!

Anonymous said...