Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am Martha Graham and I Approve This Message

If you don't know who Martha Graham was, please don't tell me. You will just prove this hysterical ad right. I thought this ad was a joke, but it was in an expensive women's magazine, paid for by Americans for the Arts. Dancers everywhere owe a huge debt to Martha. Without her, we would all be wearing tutus and point shoes, dancing to Tchaikovsky, and there would be no variety in the dance world. She is the equivalent of Picasso, and I'll bet almost everyone has heard of him.

But, the ad made me laugh out loud and I wondered how Martha would view it? "No wonder people think Martha Graham is a snack cracker"???? At any rate, what they say is so right. Dance and music and drama and art make kids better people. There is not enough art in school.

So, thanks Martha for the arthritis in my hips, knees and feet, but thanks also for a love of dance I never could have had for pointe dancing swans, and I promise never to put a pair of pointe shoes in anything I choreograph.
Normal Girl