Monday, May 12, 2008

Inspiration Can Be Anyplace

Even in the parking lot at Michaels.

I never know when inspiration will present itself. One day, I was pulling into a parking place at Michaels and looked to my left to see this. Cool colors are usually my favs. These cars parked in a row made a palette I liked: silver, green, blue and turquoise. I was glad the car owners were inside the store and could not see me taking pictures of their cars like I am stalking them or casing the joint.
When I got home, I combined the cool colors of the cars with the circle shape of the wheels and made a bracelet. That big focal piece is an earring tht I bought with the intention of working it into something else. As soon as I started thinking about using the cars as inspiration, I knew this wheelie looking earring would be great as a bracelet focal piece.

Here's what I attention to the things around you. You never know what will come of it.

Normal Girl


Dawn said...

this is one of the many reasons i would really like a small digital camera. i can't carry my camera everywhere like you can. and you can snap a photo of something as ordinary as a few cars lined up because you see the inspiration it has given you. way cool! :)

Anonymous said...