Monday, May 26, 2008

Shop Till You Land

Here's What I Think....what better place is there to shop than Sky Mall??? I brought home a catalog from one of my last flights because I really want to show you some cool things you can get.

How Star Trek is this? I didn't know these existed. You put your DVD into the "screenless" player and put on these hip glasses and watch your movie. Inside the glasses. What if you are far sighted? Check out the guy watching a movie. Would you wear these in public?

I love multi tasking!

I just don't believe these. Anyone tried them? Just because I put these straps under the refrigerator, it makes it light enough for two women to lift? I get there is physics involved, but I still am not buying it.

This is my favorite gizmo. The 5 in 1 emergency tool looks pretty handy. But what I want to know is, when that thing is floating around the bottom of my purse colliding with who knows what, what happens when the button to the automatic glass breaker gets pushed by accident? All of my car and house windows could be broken in the first week I own this tool.

The person who needs this has bigger focus problems than the Human Pin Ball!!

And then I found out that the reason this catalog always has the coolest things, is that the President of Sky Mall is Christina Aguilera!
Feel free to order any of these things, the 800 number is right there for you!
Normal Girl


votemom said...

sky mall was pivotal in us not completely losing our minds on the 9 hour flight from frankfurt, germany to detroit with two little russian 23 month olds who had never been in a car, much less a plane... with two strangers who smelled and talked funny. K ripped all the pages out of a sky mall catalog, one at a time... and threw them on the floor. and you know what? we let her! cuz when she was doing that, she wasn't crying or screaming or flailing!!!

Imaginina said...

Sky Mall, the multi use magazine!

Pamela said...

Ok I SO agree on the break the window thingy..........I was thinking the EXACT thing when i saw it and you typed the words right out of my mouth!

Anonymous said...