Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You know that saying about how you can tell alot about a person by her trash? This is my trash today:
The cute town where I live is very concerned with appearances. Guess that is why the town is cute. But, they ignore things like trash. Like people hide their dirty laundry, we hide out trash. I am allowed to put out one trash can each week. If I have more trash than that, I have to pay more for its removal or take it to the dump and pay for that, or keep it. One weekend each spring, the city lets us throw away anything we want to at no extra charge. Oh yeah, it's a party. Big Trash Day! Or as some folks call it, Trash Amnesty Day.
On that weekend, people from all over will come trolling the streets for free trash. I have done it too. We got some great furniture for our mission trip last year by trolling the streets on trash day. I am in mourning this year because I will miss it. I am headed to Kansas City tomorrow for the graduation festivities of Niece 1. In fact, I put my trash out a day early and will probably get fined for it. This city is all about the fines. They don't like the way I shovel my sidewalks...FINE. They don't like the way I cut my grass....FINE. I have an overnight guest and she parks on the street...FINE. OK, so the town is a little hoity. And maybe a little toity around the edges. But, it's cute.
Since I made you look at my trash, I feel like I should give you something pretty to wipe that vision from your head. Picture my trash all gone and just these pretty flowers in my yard. Until Tooey and Chewey get them.
I lied. This one was in the greenhouse where we bought flowers for Mom for Mother's Day on Sunday afternoon. I coveted it, but the Woodwards LOVE daisies. It was too expensive to give it to them for dinner.

The rest belong to me. Apple Blossoms....


Geraniums....woodchucks hate 'em, hahahahaha!!

Happy Trash Day!

Normal Girl