Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

I want to share my day with you. This morning, HPB and I ate at the Cafe Metro and sat in the front window people watching. It was raining. Did you know that 40% of people walking the streets of NY on a rainy day have a broken umbrella? You know when one side is broken and just hangs there?

Inside Grand Central Station. We were looking for a bookstore to buy a map. Interesting how we thought we would show up and just know where we wanted to go without a map. Yeah.

We did some trend shopping and some shopping for us. Inside this tiny, messy store, I found a piece of the most fabulous fabric. You may see it in Girl World some day soon. You could hardly move inside this store, but the man was really nice. Actually, we met alot of really nice, helpful New Yorkers today. Not sure why they get such a bad rap.

When it started pouring hard, we went inside Lord & Taylor and had lunch in a cafe on the 6th floor. HPB says she saw the BeeGees when she was in high school and the floor they had on stage is now on the wall in this cafe. Those squares of color flashed in a very disco way.

We kept on shopping and it kept on pouring. I did not have an umbrella and I was soaking wet. By the time we were loaded with stuff and tired, it was raining really hard and we could not get a taxi. I was having my own personal wet t-shirt contest and still could not get a taxi. So, we resorted to the subway. Neither of us is a subway pro, but we asked for help from some nice people and we made it.

During the day, I watched a new kind of shopping experience. HPB had a list of thing her sister, the Weasel wanted from NYC. She would find the stuff, take a pic of it on her phone, then Weasel would call and say buy or don't buy. We bought her several yards of fabric and a pile of purse handles. This is what happens to your shopping bags in the rain when they are full of the Weasel's purchases. Weasel, we said so many nice things about you as we were riding the subway clutching these bags to our chest as the handles and bottoms broke. Good thing we love you.
Tonight's show was the featured activity of the week. Most exciting for me and not quite so exciting for HPB was Gypsy. Patti Lupone is starring in it as Mama Rose. Man, can she sing! She was incredible! It was worth every penny and then some.

The HPB risked life and limb getting a couple iPhone shots of Patti. She nearly gotted tossed out for taking them, but she survived. That is Patti sitting on the step. The man that plays Herbie is the same really foxy guy (1970s reference) that play the boyfriend and husband of Valerie Bertinelli on One Day at a Time, Boyd Gaines. Boyd and Patti are both nominated for Tonys.

One of the reasons I like this musical alot is that it was one of my first big roles in musical theater. I played Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee in a local production when I was around 20 years old. Not Broadway, just Center Avenue, but what a blast!
Home tomorrow,
Normal Girl


Pamela said...

Hey chickie!

I LOVE your blogspot...........tell me how you did some of this? The photo in the title?

I am missing you a lot lately...



Weasel said...

Dear NG and HPB, Thank you for the shopping and the fabric! I know that I can always count on you two to deliver for me! Sorry it rained, and that I don't have a hobby that requires you to buy smaller things appropriate for stashing in your purse. You guys are my heroes!

Love Always,

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