Friday, May 30, 2008

Green and Purple

I made four more bracelets tonight using the metal focal pieces from the garage sale. That's it. I was watching season 1 of Lost. I like watching it all in a row without commercials.
Normal Girl


human pinball said...

HPB wants to buy the second bracelet from the bottom or the third bracelet from the top- whatever you would like to call it -
send me a bill.

Imaginina said...

I will have to check it for your skinny wrist. 6 3/4"??? Is that about right?

Weasel said...

Weasel would like to buy the second one from the top or third one from the bottom (alphabetically: bracelet "B") Will you or Imaginia sell it to me? My wrist is similar in size to HPB. Again, send a bill or ping me with your Paypal info.