Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shopping for Upstairs

This morning I took Wonder Woman with me to Garden Ridge to shop for the upstairs of the Birdhouse. Wonder Woman has raised four boys. She has a job that is emotionally intense every day. She has a several ministries where she spends alot of her time. I don't know how she does it all. Not only all that, she always signs up to help me with my projects. Wonder Woman is on the upstairs team for the BirdHouse mission trip. She is a woman with taste and I always ask her to buy the pretties: the rugs, the curtains, etc. Wonder Woman spent 5 days in the hospital a short time ago and she is not quite back up to speed. But, she made it through the shopping trip, moving a little slow, but accomplishing her task nonetheless.

Wonder Woman, I am so grateful to have you on my team!

So, we filled up these two shopping carts at Garden Ridge. I have not been to Garden Ridge in a couple years. They are a shell of their former selves, but they still have some great bargains. We got everything we needed except the large pieces of furniture all in one place, and that makes Wonder Woman and me, happy.

We got bedding for 4 beds, everything for two bathrooms, including shower curtain and towels. We got 4 lamps, curtains, some other stuff and of course, two birds.

We save all of this decorative stuff for the last day of the trip and when we put it out, it makes the house a home!

Normal Girl and Wonder Woman


votemom said...

i think i know who wonder woman is, but i've never heard of garden ridge...??

Imaginina said...

Garden Ridge is a huge Texas based store. THey used to be craft and now they are housewares and outdoor stuff and lots of home decor. There is one in Dearborn. Take a look someday.

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