Friday, May 2, 2008

The Garage Sale as Sport

Divine Design is having a garage sale this weekend to make money for the mission trip. We opened up today and had a good four hours before it rained and squelched our sale. We will try again tomorrow.

The pink glitter shoes have taken on a life of their own now. Nobody has as glamorous a cashier at a garage sale as Divine Design. We are all class, baby.
I am not a hardened garage saler. I have held a couple, and run into one now and then when I see something I want. It surprised me that we had at least as many men show up as women. And, some of them were ruthless. Here's what I think.....some people just think that it is a competition.
Us: "Welcome, come on in!" 1 point for warmth
Cute Guy: "hi".....(heading directly to the loot) 1 point for advancing the game
Us: "Looking for anything special?" 1 point for helpfulness
Cute Guy: " I like this lamp. Nice." 1 point for quick selection
Us: "We have two of those, the pair are gorgeous, and just $3 a piece" 2 points for the extra sale
Cute Guy: "Oh!" 1 point for advancing the game
Us: "Great, how about both lamps for $5?" 2 points for giving a cute guy even more of a deal
Cute Guy: "How about $4?" Oh!! Loss of two points for shamelessness
Us: "No deal, $3 each is a steal, we offered you both for $5" 1 point for standing firm
Cute Guy: "OK, I will take them, thank you" 2 points for doing the right thing"
Us: "Here is a sturdy box" 2 points for not calling him a greedy mess
Note to competitors, you cannot beat a pink glitter shoe wearing, mission trip going, daughter of God at this game!
Normal Girl