Friday, June 13, 2008

Where is Normal Girl?

People are just crazy, they all need more beads.   First of all, Normal Girl sent me downtown for a meeting this morning.  Why did I have to go?  It is pouring rain, the kind of Michigan day when you walk out the door and break into a sweat.  Then she made me walk so she could have the car.  Where is she going that is so all fired important?  Look at her, it isn't to the salon!  So, I walked to Starbucks.  I admit, I am not a Starbucks girl.  It is full of tragically hip people drinking fancy coffee that costs the budget of a small country.  And tall means small.  Who thought up that genius marketing tactic?  

I sat at a table waiting for my meeting and listened to the conversation at the next table.  Oh stop it.  You do it too.  Husband and wife.  She is giving him a painful minute by minute rundown of her week.  Does she really think he cares what she was doing Tuesday at 3:15?  He is catatonic.  She stops talking for a second and they are silent.  She can't stand the silence and starts in again.  He married her.

Off to work.  I have a long list from Normal Girl today.  Who knows when she will show up?  If she is not off buying me a new car or a bead store, or a tuna sandwich, I am going on strike.
I just got word from the Human PinBall that she is sending in a post today.  Yeah, I do everybody's bidding and will be posting that later for you.  

Have a great day,