Friday, June 6, 2008

Bead & Button Show

The Diplomat and I had a great time at the Bead & Button Show today. I am sharing pictures of the award winning designs in the annual contest. All of these projects were in a glass case, and all are hours of work and really amazing. Very inspiring! Click on the pics to make them larger.

These beads are polymer clay.

Also polymer.

These are polymer made by our friend Barbara McGuire.

Seed bead work on this necklace.

Seed beads here too.

Polymer Clay

Lampwork Glass Beads

Beaded beads, big and beautiful.

Wedding bouquet...Best in Show!! This is all seed beads.

We worked the show in a split shift today. We came home mid day to ride out a tornado that was coming. The sirens were blaring. After the tornado moved on, we went back to the show. It was great, there were not many people there and it was easy to shop in the booths and chat with the vendors. We have part of the day tomorrow to finalize out lists and the list HPB gave us. I am really motivated to go home, make some beads, and put them into jewelry pieces.
Can't wait!
Normal Girl