Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dance Day

The Praise in Motion girls danced at church this morning, and I was again reminded what terrific kids they are.  I love this ministry.  The kids make me laugh and make me proud.  For weeks they have been rehearsing two long dances, even practicing at home.  When we got to the run through this morning, we found out that one of the dances had been cut.  Also, sometimes when we practice with a track and then we dance on Sunday morning with the musicians live, it is not quite the same.  That happened today.  Sections were shorter, they had to make some changes on the spot.  They graciously took it in stride without complaints or pouts.  

Not all middle school girls behave like this.  They enjoyed what they were given and danced joyfully.  I am going to try to follow their example this week and trust that God knows what He is doing in my life even if I have worked really hard to get someplace He is not taking me. Doing that really does bring you joy.

If you are interested in their video from this morning, it is on their blog.

Normal Girl