Saturday, June 7, 2008

Delay Entertainment Manual

I am stuck in Milwaukee waiting for yet more bad weather to roll on by, and could be here for hours. Being usually pretty good at entertaining myself in these situations, even I have my limit. My heinie is tired of sitting on the floor because they will not even let us in the gate in case the tornado wants to come in the window. Can you detect a little whining?

When I realized I was making up stories about why the girl sitting across from me is wearing orange lace undewear under white pants, I knew I needed your input. Let's start the airport delay self-entertainment delay manual. Leave your ideas, please..... Please don't say write my paper for school.

Normal (weather magnet) Girl
P.S. The Department of Homeland Security has declared us at level orange. Anyone know exactly what that means?


Dawn said...

what about making up a ridiculous conversation that two people across the way from you are having (they are too far away for you to hear their actual conversation).

votemom said...

i'm sorry, but i cannot have any discussion that includes TheDepartmentOfHomelandSecurity.

apart from the whole God.Is.Sovereign thing, they are why sasha is still in russia and not sleeping in a bedroom upstairs.


The Diplomat said...

Northwest must love its passengers more than Midwest. We had no window avoidance cautions in our area of the terminal--Sheesh! Northwest was WAY more efficient with getting their bags back to their passengers too.

The Diplomat

Anonymous said...