Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mission Trip Day 3

I had time to work on one canvas for the Birdhouse.  While preparing for the trip, we all read  the story of Ann Judson, the first American woman missionary.  She and her husband went to Burma.  She was very young and Burma was very far away.  It took almost a year to get from her home in New England to Burma by ship. We read about the sickness, the imprisonment, the danger to their lives, the children that did not make it, the wars, and so many horrible things that she lived through.  She never lost her conviction that she was called by God to be a missionary in Burma.  I asked my team members to send me one sentence that stood out during the reading of the book.  I put those on a large canvas and we will hang it in the house someplace tomorrow.  These are all things said by Ann Judson in regard to her relationship with God.  Very inspiring.

So, three days down.  We have carried armoires, dressers, mattresses and more up and down the stairs at the birdhouse.  We have carried a sofa, a dining room table  and a roll of carpeting big enough to cover two rooms into the house.  Well, the carpeting, we carried from two houses down.  We have painted, installed cabinets, built armoires and dressers, sewn and hung curtains, nailed up moulding, cleaned out closets, and 10 other things.  See pics of the work:  The house is looking great.  Tomorrow, we beautify.  We will bring in lamps and new towels and shower curtains and rugs and the homey touches.

One interesting thing happened today that has not happened in the past.  The men living in the house started telling us what they would like us to do in the house and what they would like us to bring them.  It has been a weird experience working hard all day while men are sitting in chairs watching us do it.  And then, today, they start giving us direction.  I am taking it as a sign that they have warmed up to us and feel comfortable.  Many of the women have had great conversations with the guys and I think that is an important part of our trip there.

Also, the men that did not want us to go in their rooms have now seen what we can do, and want us to fix their rooms.  This is work we have not planned for and materials we have not paid for.  But, we want to do it.  I sent a team shopping today and tonight I bought more furniture and tomorrow, we will speed decorate a room.  Stay tuned.

One more day,
Normal Girl