Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lotsa Ladies Lotsa Beads Lotsa Buttons

Who came to the bead show?? I saw two men walking down the aisle shaking their heads and one mumbling,"There's lotsa ladies, lotsa beads and lotsa buttons." The bead show is a most excellent place for people watching:

Lotsa ladies!

Here's Pam, editor of Bead Unique Magazine.

No, this guy was not at the beads show, but he made me laugh.

Cool guy working in a booth.

I loved this lady with different socks and shoes and three colors in her hair!

Bead selling is so stimulating!

tutu wearing lampwork bead maker....

Zoot suit man.

The Diplomat and I spent most of the afternoon and evening in the airport trying to go home. My flight was cancelled and NW airlines handled it like champions. They closed the airport an hour later and so neither of us could get out. The Diplomat was on Midwest. They did not return the bags on the luggage carousel. They hauled them into the ticket counter and called off people's names to come get their bags. Several flights worth. We sat in this mess waiting for two hours for her bag. Meantime, I got us a hotel room nearby, and that was a very happy thing because before we left the airport, they announced on the PA that all hotels in the city were full. I have a flight at 6am but the weather channel says it is supposed to thunderstorm all night and all morning. So, we will see!

Normal (but tired) Girl


votemom said...

those are terrific pictures. i really like your sense of humor ;o)

(and i'm really sorry about the weather. hope you are home by now. those storms forced 13 little children and their 8 parents into my house this afternoon when it was supposed to be an OUTSIDE gathering.


Anonymous said...