Wednesday, June 4, 2008


How would you visually represent joy? That was the challenge I had when asked to do a set for the summer sermon series at church on Philippians. Smiley faces was one thought. BUt, I went with jumping for joy. The joy jumpers are abstract. We are going to put them behind the platform and shine black light on theem. I hope that looks cool, I won't see until Sunday.

Meantime, here is a painting idea for forgetful people. I got all my stuff outside and realized I had forgotten the paint pan. blech. It worked pretty well to just dunk the roller into the can and then rolll iton the board. Saved a couple dollars!

Extendo handle for the roller and it was a piece of cake to paint the big boards.

I love painting a project alone with my iPod on, singing. Another thing that brings me joy is going to Milwaukee for the Bead & Button Show tomorrow. I LOVE Bead & Button. I will be sharing!
What brought you joy today?
Normal Girl
P.S. Thanks DT for your help!!