Friday, June 13, 2008

Moses Was My Lab Partner

Here she is as promised, The Human PinBall.....

I woke up this morning feeling like my right pinky finger is going to fall off.  Now tell me, just exactly how does one injure her right pinky finger and not realize it until the next day?  So I tell my husband, Mr. H. that my pinky is killing me and feels like it is about to fall which he replies, "it's probably arthritis."
That lead me to think about all of the things he could have said,
  • maybe you slept with it in an odd position
  • maybe you need to call and get a massage so you feel better (OK, I know this one is a stretch..)
  • maybe that cute little pinky needs a sparkling diamond ring on it to make it feel all better

In the meantime, my pinky is still hurting.  Then it came to me...I remembered what is wrong with my pinky......only last week, my 9 year old human pinball son told me, "Mom, you are so old that Moses was in your yearbook."  There is the answer, I am about 4000 years old.

How old are you?
The Human PinBall