Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick Thought

I just realized that in our last blog poll where I asked you what you would like me to send you, there were equal votes for chocolate and a tape of me singing. A bracelet got less points. Of course, I am thinking through that. Considering that you have probably not heard me sing, does that tell us:

  • you are not big chocolate fans?
  • you have a fascination with the unknown, scary as it may be?
  • I need to do a little work on my jewelry design skills?
  • you have heard me sing and are looking for a tape to play to keep the critters out of your yard?

Normal Girl


Dawn said...

i think it's a combination of the second and fourth options...

but i bet you sing better than me!

votemom said...

have you ever looked at me? really looked at me? you won't find a speck of jewelry. except soon, a ring, once it's sized.

i love your jewelry. but i don't wear any. it bugs me. but yours is really cool!

Imaginina said...

Really? Because my beads make you look younger, thinner and prettier, ask anyone!

votemom said...

haha - if only!

Anonymous said...