Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't be an Obliviot, Please!

Here I am riding in the cab from the airport to the hotel and you can see downtown Milwaukee. My cab driver did not put his seat belt on, so for 20 minutes, it went DING DING DING DING...

I am staying at the Marriott Courtyard and lo and behold, they have new carpet!! Don't you like it???

The hotel is connected to a mall. I went to the foodcourt and ate chinese while I was waiting for The Diplomat to arrive from the airport.

After The Diplomat arrived, went to the convention center to the Bead & Button Show. Tonight was the special sneak preview for wholesale members. It is the best time to go because less people attend and you can get to the booths and walk down the aisles. Look how empty! It won't be tomorrow.
We met our friend Penny Costal at the show and we three went to dinner. It is a tradition to go to the Italian restaurant after the first night (restaurant choices are slim pickins here). We order what we want and then we have show and tell of the things we bought. Penny had the best haul. Mine was not as exciting as I was working down the list given me by the Human Pinball since she could not be here. HPB, I am working sister! We always have interesting conversations over Italian dinner. One topic was about people who do not seem to be aware of anyone around them. Penny Costal gave us a vocabulary lesson. That person is called an obliviot.
Obliviot, n. an oblivious idiot, one who suffers from sever case of obliviousness.
I would you to use it at least once in a sentence today.
Also at dinner, the two women at the table next to ours changed chairs so they could rubberneck at out show and tell. They introduced themselves and made us tell them what we do and how we do it. Beads, bringing people together!

The Diplomat and I ran into an old friend Barbara McGuire at the show. She has a booth and is well known in the polymer clay industry. See her work at The Diplomat bought one of her polymer clay pendants and some earrings. Of course my picture does not do these pieces justice. They are gorgeous. I bought two rubber mats to use with precious metal clay.
Tomorrow, beads!
Normal Girl

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