Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a day here in Los Angeles! I had my annual review and got an unexpected raise. Then, I won a radio contest on my lunch hour. I get a walk on part on Hannah Montana, not my fav show, but cute. And, just as I was leaving the office, one of the VPs walked in with his neighbor Jack Nicholson. I love LA!

And I love April 1. April Fool!!! Did you believe any of it? I did indeed finally get to LA last night. Let me catch you up on my travel yesterday. I really got my money's worth from American Airlines as they educated me in so many areas. Here are just some of the things I learned:

- If there are tornados at the airport where you are landing, and they let you circle overhead for an hour, you never actually get to see the tornados.

- When there are tornados at the airport where you are landing, it backs up all the air traffic and your next flight is delayed for hours. OK, I actually knew this one already.

- It is a bit of a federal offense if you tell the flight attendant that you are thinking about killing her. They take the plane back to the gate and send police officers to get you at your seat and take you to jail.

- If a baby in the seat in front of you starts crying, the baby in the seat in front of him cries too, the baby in the seat behind you also cries, and the baby in the seat to your right screams and throws things.

- Parents who look 12 years old, but are really probably 18, try to quiet their babies with every noise-making electronic toy ever made. It doesn't work.

- Only when you become spiritually awakened will you stop trying to fill the hole in your soul with drinking, eating and sleeping...this courtesy of a 12, well maybe 17 year old dad sitting next to me watching Oprah.

Thanks American Airlines!

And now why none of that matters:

God's morning gift to me, the view outside my window of mountains and sunshine.

Enjoying the scenery,

Normal Girl