Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone Needs a Tag Line

OK, while Normal Girl is not around, I am posting.

I found this link someplace, I can't remember where. Hey, I am old. And it made me think that we all should have taglines behind our names and missions and organizations. A tagline or slogan explains us a little bit right off the bat. So, here is what the slogan generator came up with when I used it:

Do you have Imaginina inside?
(which is perfect, because everyone Should have a little Imaginina inside of her)

Normal Girl - Handbuilt by Robots
(stupid, but it sure made me laugh!)

Smile! You are in Here's What I Think!
(how does it do this? That is a perfect tagline)

Try it for yourself and leave me a comment so I will know how to address you from now on. Go here:



human pinball said...

OK - this made me laugh out loud -
ready -
My slogan
Human Pinball - what's the worst that can happen?

votemom said...

here's mine:

Don't Just Cover Up Bad Odors. Get The2ndvote!

Dawn said...

lol my slogans make no sense.

Tricia said...

OK - I did two:

"Tricia - Delightfully Tacky, yet Unrefined" kinda like "Hooters"...

"Weasel - It's What's for Dinner"

I keep wondering, why is it that both relate to food?

Anonymous said...