Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lacquer Charms

Still gathering pieces for the bird jewelry. When I started to see these cool resin filled pendants last year, I just knew I could make my own version. And so I did. And so can you.

Start with one of these. The ones that look like shallow bowls are called domed discs. I got mine at Metalliferous. They are aluminum. The ones with straight sides are called bezel cups. You can get those at any place with jewelry making supplies. Both kinds come on different sizes and shapes....and metals.

Use the screw down punch (see yesterday's post) to make a hole, so you can hang it on your bracelet or necklace. Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the dome. I just trace around the dome and cut out the paper. Use any design you like. It would be cool to use someone's photo. Just make a photocopy of the photo.

To glue the paper to the dome, I use Dimensional Magic. You can get it at any craft store. Other brands are called crystal lacquer and scrapbookers use them.

Squeeze a little lacquer into the dome. Spread it around so it covers evenly. Press the paper circle into the dome, so the paper is tight to the surface. One thing I learned doing this is wash your hands before you do it. Whatever you have on your fingers will be magically transferred to the paper in a big smudge. Repunch the hole through the paper.

Squeeze out a thin coating of lacquer to cover the paper. Let it dry, it won't take too long. Squeeze on another coat, a little thicker. Let it dry. Do this until the dome is full. It might take 3 or four coats.

Oh, and ah, here's one more thing I learned. You can't rush this process. Don't put these in the oven to speed dry. It was bad. The EPA could come arrest you for the noxious fumes. And, don't put it under a lightbulb either. See the bubbles? Just let each coat dry on its own time.

Another one I made. This one dried slowly.

I have made alot of stuff this week. You can tell when I have alot going on. I use creative projects to bribe myself. This week was finals week. I bribed myself with fun projects as soon as I got my homework done at night.

Almost ready to start constructing the jewelry,
Normal Girl