Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break Meets American Airlines

This is a dangerous combination. Remember my trip to LA? Blech. I got to the ariport to find that everyone and their brother is trying to get out of Michigan on spring break. All the parking lots are full and I had to park in an overflow lot far away. Far. Dark. Muddy. I get in Wednesday night at 1am. I will be making friends with the shuttle driver, you can count on it.

When I checked in at the airport, I found American Airlines has taken the liberty of changing my itinerary and my original 8:30 flight does not leave until 2:30. How nice of them to call me ahead of time and chat about this. So, here I sit in the airport, in the yukky terminal, in a bar, under a tv that is on full loud, stalking the guy sitting by the only electrical outlet. I don't get in to LA until and a half hours late. You know that it makes me twitch to be burning daylight sitting in a bar in the airport all day. Did I say it is American Airlines?

And, I did not even ask God to teach me patience!

Stay tuned,
Normal Girl