Friday, April 4, 2008

Every Bracelet Has a Story

Here's what I think. A bracelet completes me. I have piles of bracelets of all kinds. And, how cool is it that I have my very first bracelet? My amazing Mother did what all Mothers say they are going to do and put three albums of photos together for me. She did it for all four of her children. It took her nearly a year of work to get them all done. We think it was worth it, they are precious. She gave me my baby bracelet in the first book. This was the first bracelet in my lifelong love of beads and jewelry making.

I added the quarter so you can see the size of the bracelet.

This is not my last bracelet, but it is a special bracelet. Yeah, it looks like it has plastic junk hanging from it, but it is precious too. On my 50th birthday, my two pals The Human Pinball and The Diplomat, took a trip with me to New York City. We spent four days and three nights doing stuff that would make you jealous. We chronicled some of it on our bracelets. We each made one. We started on the first day with a charm bracelet with one red apple bead that I made. We added as we went to three Broadway shows, ate at restarurants, and classed it up by going to a museum (Museum of Art and Design).

You can make your own bracelet with your friends for any occasion. Attach the paper mementos to clear acrylic tags with glue or Mod Podge. Add charms or beads or whatever by wiring to the links or attach with jump rings. People will ask you about it!

Normal (I am 50, and I know how to use it!) Girl

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