Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eau de Jet Lag

I thought it was about time to show you where I live.

I don't have a big screen tv, but I have eight small ones. I don't have one recliner, I have 258. And look at all the friends that came over! Ok, I don't really live there, but it felt like it this week.

Question to ponder: What does jet lag smell like? And, why would you want to smell like jet lag? Alright, two questions. Does jet lag smell like exhaustion? Does jet lag smell like the inside of my eye lids? Because that is all I can concentrate on when I have jet lag. Yes, those are stupid questions, but look at what I found in O Hare airport tonight.....

Interesting that it is for men. I think Azzaro needs to fire their marketing director. If you want to try it, let me know and I will pick some up for you the next time I am in Chicago.

Happy to be home,

Normal Girl