Monday, April 14, 2008

All the Breaks

Some people catch all the breaks. Remember the big birthday trip to NYC? Celebrating 50? The bracelet? Yeah, I was not invited on that trip, and did not get a NYC trinket, not even a lousy t-shirt. I was here working.

So, not only did Normal Girl get the fancy birthday trip, I opened Bead Unique Magazine today and there they were. Normal Girl, The Human Pinball, and The Diplomat in NYC. They went to see Wicked. They ate at great restaurants. They saw store after store filled with beads. Does that make a story? Apparently so.

Want to read the article? Go buy a magazine.

Moral of this story? When you go on vacation, take a writer with you.



Anonymous said...

i know i am short- but just once...just one stinking time couldn't a photo, a sketch, or even just the mental picture of me in your mind be that i am not always the shortest person in the room - or the shortest person in the photo - or the shortest person in the sketch ????

the human pinball needs sleep - can you tell?

Imaginina said...

Be happy you are not the fattest!

Anonymous said...