Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Airport Entertainment

Home from Houston, and trying to adjust to jumping temperatures. Mid 80s in Houston. Mid 50s here. I sat next to Pierce Brosnan's brother on the airplane. I know you don't believe me, and I could not think of a non chalant way to take his picture. He looked just like Pierce. That is one of the beauties of being upgraded to first class. Pierce Brosnan's brother does not sit in coach.

Traveling nearly each week can be taxing in so many ways, so it is good to find entertainment wherever I can. Well, aside from people watching which is great in an airport. And, eating in the food court where I have so many choices of junk food.

I saw this in the George Bush International Airport. It says it all. After you see this, you can get right back on your plane and go home, you don't even have to go out into the city of Houston. You already know that Houston is all about cows carrying video cameras and the space program. Oh, and that you are in Texas. Houston We Have Landed.

Back at home in Detroit, we have an attraction worthy of Disney. Under the taxiway between terminals A and B they give you a light and sound show every day. It is different everytime I see it. I think it looks like when they showed people having acid trips on TV in the 70s. Somebody who has had an acid trip, please give me the word on that. In the video you see Niece 3 and an impatient man. We were touring. He was actually trying to catch a flight. We had a lot more fun than he had.

Fun to travel, but great to be home,

Normal Girl